About us

We can hear you thinking – is there really a Seafood shop in the country? Yes there is!
Are you wondering why? Because we’re a local commercial fishing family! We chose to live on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands in 2003!
Where does the seafood come from? All Reef Fish and Gulf Estuary fillets are straight off two of our own boats!

Visit our shop to browse our huge selection of Australian Wild-caught Seafood! Direct from the source for an ocean to plate experience.
With a motto of “if we wouldn’t eat it, we wouldn’t sell it – you can be assured that we only stock quality seafood.
Hence our tagline – Seafood The Way It Should Be!
What does this mean? To us – it’s guaranteeing our products are: Australian/Local, Quality, Accessible, Affordable, Ethical, Traceable, Sustainable and most of all Fresh!
Not only can we tell you where your seafood comes from, we can tell you who caught it and how & when!
We believe strongly in supporting our industry, it’s not just a livelihood, it’s our passion. Keeping Australian Seafood on your tables!
Support it or import it!


Why Choose Us

Local Family Owned & Operated
Quality Local Wild Caught Seafood
Supporting Local Fishing Families.


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