Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, we sure do! We stock over a dozen options to choose from. We stock all species like Banana, Endeavour, Tiger & King Prawns. In both raw and cooked, including peeled prawns and bug meat! Plus whole cooked and raw bugs.  These are from our trusted boats working from Cairns.  Available in any quantity you choose, including bulk discounts for 5kg boxes.


Yes! This is our specialty. We operate two of our own boats catching local wildcaught fish!
– FV SeaWitch in Karumba fishes the Gulf of Carpentaria catching: Barramundi, King Salmon, Jewel, Blue Salmon, Tripple Tail, Grunter, Pomfret etc.
– FV Lady Boss in Cairns fishes the Great Barrier Reef catching: Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Long Nose Emperor, Stripey, Cod, Sweetlip, Cobia, Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Salmon Mackerel, Green Jobfish, Nannygai & more!
We have fillets, wings, trims & frames – nose to tail eating.
Bulk discounts for 5kg or 10kg Boxes. All are individually bagged, for easy portioning.

Yes! Our first option is always Australian & Wildcaught is our preference.  We can tell you where and how all of our products were caught. Australia has strict regulations to ensure sustainability and handling guidelines for quality. We supplement with other items like Mussels or Kina from NZ.  


Our products are snap frozen at sea on the boat, within hours of capture. This blast freezing so close to being caught locks in the freshness of taste and texture to allow the boats to work the remote areas they do, and transport back to us. We do not defrost our products in-store as we want you to experience the best of the products on the day you wish to consume them. This eliminates any wasted products by aging on the shelf waiting for purchase and changing the quality of your experience.  

Yes – we have South Australian Coffin Bay/Smokey Bay oysters arriving every Thursday both fresh (shucked) and live (un-shucked), within their annual seasons.

We also do fresh fish off our reef boat when the unload days match our opening days. However it is best for you to order your requests in advance so we can suit your needs.

Yes! You can choose any value.  We can also mail the Gift Voucher for you if you aren’t local to our store.

Yes! We can do custom platters to any $ value or a ‘per person’ share.  Choose from a ‘ready to eat’ platter of cooked prawns, bugs, sandcrab or spanner crab, and oysters. Or a ‘BBQ pack’ of raw prawns, bugs, crayfish, scallops, fish etc. Get creative!

Yes! We have many customers interstate that airfreight our seafood. Prices can vary but an average example would be to allow up to $100 for 10kg, or up to $130 for 20kg (depending on location and availability of flights). Please ask for a quote.  Products are shipped frozen and held safely until your collection.  You also receive bulk discounts when purchasing in 5kg or 10kg boxes so this helps justify the extra airfreight costs.  

A recent shipment of 20kg of our Wild Barra to Adelaide was still cheaper by $6/kg than buying farmed barra in his area!

Please contact us with your request. Whilst we don’t have our set delivery runs that were running during Covid, we can still work in with you.  Example, we often have families living interstate purchasing seafood for a local relative that is unable to travel to collect. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our seafood.