Passion Pasta

🍝 Passion Pasta – Range of Handmade Dry #pasta & Gluten Free options! Plus delicious Stir through #sauces.

Yes, that’s right! I’ve found more Aussie made products for you AND what a perfect match for our seafood! Can’t wait to create some ready-to-go meal packs for you or mix and match to create your own 🍽

There are some fantastic recipes on their website –


Established in 2002, Passion Pasta is based in Victoria. Providing the ultimate air-dried, small-batch laminated pasta. Our fine and elegant pasta cooks in less than 3 minutes!! 😱

Our pasta making technique was developed over many years. Essentially, it is founded on a traditional method, requiring the skilful hands of experienced artisans. The key quality factors of our pasta reside primarily in the ingredients we use and also in the unique way we make it. 👌

For our pasta dough we use: 100% Australian durum wheat Semolina, free range eggs, a little virgin olive oil (for that particular Italian taste) and only the finest natural flavourings. 🇦🇺

To this day, the preparation of vegetables, cracking of eggs, measuring and combining of ingredients, transferring of dough between work stations, hanging, harvesting and packaging of pasta are still done by hand! 👏